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Reiki Healing

Helping you heal by going beyond the mind.

Does this sound familiar?

You're doing all of the"right things." You're going to therapy and trying to practice

self-care but you still don't feel...aligned. You've done a lot of work on a cognitive level, but you are still feeling stressed out, burned out, anxious and overwhelmed.


You long to feel grounded, present and content. You want to move through all of the thoughts, emotions and behaviors that are keeping you stuck. You know there is a key component missing from your healing journey but aren't quite sure what it looks like. 

It's time to address your energy

Traumatic events, stressful situations and even the daily demands of life can interrupt our body and mind's natural homeostasis and cause our energy to to become imbalanced. These imbalances manifest as mental and physical symptoms and often even as undesirable circumstances in our lives. Once we clear the energetic root of the issue, our bodies and minds have the wisdom and ability to heal.

Sometimes talking

Therapy is a wonderful tool to become familiar with your patterns of thoughts, emotions and behaviors and figure out they "why" behind them. Sometimes though, in order to experience deep healing, we need to go beyond the mind to the energetic root of our issues. Reiki helps your body return to its natural state of alignment, or homeostasis, where deep healing takes place. 

What kinds of issues can Reiki help with?

Studies have found that Reiki significantly improves multiple physical and psychological markers including pain, drowsiness, tiredness, nausea, appetite, shortness of breath, anxiety, depression, and overall well-being. Reiki energy goes where it is needed and will address imbalances that you aren't able to identify verbally.

What happens during a Reiki session?

Reiki can be performed in-person or from a distance. I offer distance Reiki sessions via phone or Zoom. During your session we will begin with a chat about what you are currently navigating in your life. I will then guide you through either a simple breathing exercise or meditation so that you can become grounded in your space. Next I will facilitate the Reiki healing and we will discuss what came up for you and observe the shifts in your energy. Sometimes, these shifts are intense and sometimes they are minor, almost unnoticeable. These shifts may present themselves through sensations in the body, mind, or the choices we make. 

Reiki Healing Options


45 Minute Distance Reiki Session


Reiki is effective after just one session, however, to continue clearing old energies and imbalances, it is recommended that you stay consistent with a weekly or bi-weekly session. You will intuitively know when you are ready to drop in frequency.


45 Minute Reiki Session and 15 Minute Intuitive Card Reading


Return to center and connect with your intuitive gifts after your Reiki session. Your energy will be flowing freely which will allow your card reading to illuminate what already exists within you and reconnect you to your inner-knowing regarding your current life-situation.


45 Minute Reiki Session and 45 Minute Intuitive Card Reading & Coaching Session


I know it sounds cliche, but you truly do already have the answers.  After your Reiki session and card pull, I will help you uncover solutions-oriented insight and deep knowing about your next actionable steps on your path to wellness.

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