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Individual Therapy
Wellness Coaching

Hello, I am thrilled that you made the choice to search for someone who can guide you along your healing journey. Whatever pain, hurt, or trauma you’re carrying will finally have space to be seen and understood. 

Individual Therapy:

I am licensed in the state of Florida, therefore I am only legally allowed to see individual therapy clients who are residents of the state of Florida. 

I have a background in working with clients who have experienced trauma, chronic stress, or overwhelming life circumstances. My areas of focus have developed into working specifically with survivors of sexual violence/abuse/trauma, domestic violence, religious trauma, complex/chronic trauma, anxiety, and issues with boundary setting.

In order to best support your healing process, I am trained in several healing techniques that are trauma-informed and flexible to fit your unique needs.

  • EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing): Utilizing bilateral movement to activate one side of your brain at a time, this technique is utilized to enhance your trauma processing for either complex trauma or singular traumatic events. This technique can also be used for resourcing, which identifies your inner strengths that already exist and pulls them to the front of your brain so you can use them when needed.

  • Brainspotting: Utilizing your vision by focusing on a singular fixed point, this techniques accesses the web of thoughts in your mind that usually feel confusing and tangled surrounding a traumatic, stressful, or overwhelming event. This process allows you to gain clarity and empowerment to better understand how to move through the healing process.

  • Integrative Somatic Trauma Therapy: It is becoming increasingly understood that our physical body and mind are completely integrated. One does not exist without influencing the other. I have become certified in understanding numerous somatic trauma theories to ensure you receive an inclusive mind+body approach. You will become connected to how your physical self, including your nervous system, influences and is impacted by your experiences in life.

  • Embodied Social Justice & Leadership: Western healing has long been seen as an individual process. This view unfortunately excludes valuable information when considering scope of impact, adaptive living, and healing practices. Through the lens of embodied social justice, we will be able to extend your healing journey to fully encompass every part of you, even the parts of you that are not typically considered in American systems. Your access to expansive and in-depth healing will offer a sustainable process that moves beyond the therapy space.

  • Integrative Somatic Parts Work: Pulling inspiration from the Internal Family Systems therapy technique, this type of therapy offers an alternative approach to healing by acknowledging your human complexities (parts). Identifying your many parts creates space to understand your patterns, behaviors, and emotions while offering an opportunity to connect with your core (authentic) self. Access your freedom through understanding and compassion. 

Wellness Coaching:

Offered to anyone worldwide, wellness coaching is an excellent way to explore what true holistic wellness means to you and your experience. Together, we will tackle issues such as boundary setting, self care plans/follow through, mindset shifts, spiritual/energetic struggles, and education on your mind+body. All sessions are 1 hour long and are the same price as the individual sessions.

With everything I do, I take a flexible client centered approach in all of my sessions. I maintain a belief that you are the expert of your mind+body while I am the expert on mental health techniques and theories. When we come together, we collaborate and coordinate to ensure you remain in control of the session and begin to trust that your mind+body will bring fourth what needs to be processed. 

I use a holistic approach while also accepting"modern" approaches such as psychiatric medications when needed. This ensures that you will be receiving treatment that views you as a system, not just a symptom. Your unique needs will be addressed and integrated into the healing process so that you will receive healing that is sustainable and empowering. 

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