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My Approach

Who I am today as a therapist is built upon my experience working in the field of trauma. Through these experiences I learned to ask the question “what happened to you?” instead of “what’s wrong with you?” When you're sitting in front of me, it's my mission to learn about what experiences, both negative and positive, have led you to become who you are today.


My goal in therapy is to assist you in becoming the healthiest version of yourself. I achieve this by centralizing my sessions around listening and advocating. Listening allows me to understand the unique qualities you will bring into the session, while advocating allows me to validate and fight for your needs. This combination creates the space for freedom, exploration, and healing.


Once this space has been created for healing, that’s when growth can begin. Though my training has centered around mental health counseling, I am a firm believer that genuine healing and growth cannot be completed without attending to the physical, spiritual, and mental parts of ourselves. My background in dance and fitness combined with my knowledge and training in therapy have taught me how deeply our physical biology and our emotional/spiritual mind are connected. With this in mind, I will utilize a variety of types of therapy depending on your particular needs alongside your goals.


I view everyone as leaders of their own healing journey. To elaborate, I believe survival pushes people to become creative problem solvers. Tapping into these natural born skills allows you to discover and explore creative problem solving within your presenting concerns. My role throughout all of this, is simply to keep you on track and provide the occasional education needed to make healthy and informed choices. 


At the end of all of this, know that I set out to empower you. When you reclaim your story and find your inner strength, you carry it beyond the time in therapy. You will realize that if you’ve been capable of surviving life so far, then you are capable of so much more.

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