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"As snake sheds its skin so we can shed our illusions and limitations. Then we are able to use our vitality and desires to achieve wholeness."
-Ina Woolcott
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Snakes are traditionally seen as evil or representative of satan himself within Evangelical circles. Upon further discovery I learned that snakes are also seen as symbols of transformation and rebirth - inspired by the fact that snakes shed their skin.

This group was created to support people in their journey of healing and transformation. It was created to hold space for pain, celebration, and the unknown. When you enter into the support group, you're able to take a deep breath and experience what validation feels like. You will understand what it's like to share your story and for people to actually listen to you - not just making assumptions. It's a place to share or a place to listen. It's here for you, whatever that looks like for you today.

If any of this resonates with you, click the link below to register.

We are thrilled to have you.

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